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With our cutting-edge SSD servers and a steadfast 99.9% uptime assurance, you're freed from email concerns, leaving you ample time for more pressing matters. And rest assured, blacklisting is a thing of history with us.

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Access your catchalls effortlessly from the Members Area, prepped and GSA-compatible right from the start! Skip the hassle of inputting settings manually, simply import the .txt file into GSA, and you're good to proceed!

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  • Multiple SSDs Per Server
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  • Advanced Server Monitoring
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SER excels in maximizing the utility of catchalls effortlessly. Each time it requires account creation for link posting, a fresh email account is utilized. Moreover, if registration entails "name" or "last name" fields, SER seamlessly syncs them with the email.

For instance, an account for "Anna Smith" would adopt an email like "bella@your.catchall.com".

Cool, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers!

What is a catchall email anyway?

A catch-all functions as a mailbox that gathers all emails sent to non-existent addresses within a particular domain.

For instance: If your catch-all email is "catch@domain.com," you can sign up on a website with "demon@domain.com," "lucy@domain.com," and any other aliases you wish, despite these addresses technically not existing. All confirmation links will consolidate in one mailbox.

This allows you to create numerous accounts on a single site using "imaginary" emails, confirming them all via one "master" email in your projects. Cool, isn't it?

Why is a catchall better than using many disposable emails?

Are you certain those 1000 disposable emails will remain functional tomorrow, next week, or even next month?

With our catchall emails, rest assured they'll remain operational indefinitely. Plus, they're incredibly hassle-free and straightforward to utilize. Simply import them into your template projects, and you're set without worrying about emails for several months.

Periodically, you can effortlessly switch your catchall (at no cost), select all your projects, import the new ones (we provide a brief tutorial if needed), and you're all set!

How does SER handle catchalls?

SSER seamlessly manages catch-all emails with exceptional ease:

- It establishes a connection to the master email via POP3.

- It accurately distinguishes which emails correspond to each project.

- It employs a spin macro to generate a new and distinct alias with each submission.

In essence, once you input a catch-all email into SER, it autonomously and accurately handles all tasks, regardless of the number of projects utilizing the same email.

Why wouldn't I just setup catchalls myself?

Certainly, feel free to proceed! Just like numerous other tasks, this one is within your capabilities. Our aim is to offer convenience.

However, it's essential to note that it's not merely a matter of purchasing a cPanel shared hosting package and a domain, setting up a catchall, and sending out emails indiscriminately.

Will the catchall I get be private?

Absolutely, our service ensures 100% privacy with absolutely no data sharing involved whatsoever.

How does your pricing work?

In essence, you pay the monthly fee for as long as you're actively utilizing our email service.

What is your refund policy?

In the highly unlikely event that you encounter less than 99.9% uptime in any given month, simply reach out to our support team, and we'll promptly refund your full monthly fee without any inquiries.

How soon can I get started?

We'll process your refund within a couple of minutes of receiving your request!